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World 1st Abrasive Blasting Technology

Apollo Blasting technology eliminates these main issues seen with older - outdated direct pressure blast systems:

1. 50% downtime to re-fill with abrasive

2. 90% loss of energy due to inherent inefficiency in design

3. Moisture contamination with abrasive media

4. Pressure vessel regulatory requirements

Older welded pressure vessel type blasting systems waste over 90% of the air that they use, and must be shutdown (depressurized) to refill with abrasive - this is a global problem for the blasting industry that Apollo solves.

Apollo Blast Nozzle For Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Apollo's Recipe For Success:
Less Air Consumption + More Work Output = $Profit

Learn more about how Apollo technology works here

Wet Blasting Equipment From Apollo USA
Pressure Blast Pot For Sandblasting

As you can see above, Apollo Blasting Systems, vastly simplify the process of abrasive blasting, with a much simpler, more reliable technology that vastly improves productivity and eliminates downtime whilst lowering running costs at the same time.

For example: On a welded pressure blast pot, each time the operator stops blasting, the pot ("dumps" or exhausts all the air within its pressure vessel to atmosphere - air that could otherwise be put to use - (blasting!) - That's air that is costing you or your company money, that literally vanishes into thin air!

Additionally, In blast room installations in Industrial Engineering settings, utilizing a welded pressure blast pot, the user must stop and wait each time the blast pot must be refilled with abrasive media - this can be for 20minutes at least per each 30minute blasting session - downtime that is unnecessary & costly, that can be eliminated through the implementation of Apollo Blasting Technology.

Most frustratingly...when users experience a "blockage" in their welded pressure vessel blast pot - this often leads to a complete shutdown of blasting operations to "dismantle the "grit valve" and remove the blockage manually - downtime that is
tedious and costly.

Apollo Blasting Systems eliminate all these costly issues inherent with pressure vessel type blasting systems in both: Media Blasting Cabinets (Blast Cabinets), and Portable Blast Pots, for Wet Abrasive Blasting or Dry Blasting Applications, (For example: in a Blast Room Installation). See the video below for quick introduction on how Apollo Abrasive Blasting Systems work, and how they can add value to your blasting operations.

Apollo's Innovative Blasting Technology

Cobra Nozzle Air Consumption Calculator
See how much $Air you could save

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