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Apollo Infinity-6 Dual Induction Media, sand blasting cabinet, Apollo Blasting LLC, USA, Spray Booths, Blasting Equipment, Shot Blasting systems.

Infinity® 6 Dual Induction Media Blast Cabinet

SKU: 130-000-000
Excluding Sales Tax

The Infinity®-6 meida blasting cabinet is a highly flexible blast cabinet with wide-ranging parts loading options including front, side, and top opening doors. Large armholes give a comfortable reach inside the cabinet for the operator, the Infinity® 6 has internal blast chamber dimensions of width:1350mm, depth 1050mm, height:1050 mm


The Infinity-6 blast cabinet is supplied with:

  • Side loading door

  • Optional front loading door

  • Dual induction blast nozzle and air wash nozzle

  • Pneumatic foot pedal to initiate blast cleaning

  • Rotary worktable

  • Pressure regulator: blast from 05-100psi

  • Fluorescent lighting and angled viewing window

  • Cyclonic dust extractor


  • Industrial cleaning

  • Oil & gas industry

  • Mould & Die cleaning

  • Marine and offshore

  • Automotive

  • Dairy food and beverages

  • Cosmetic finishing

  • Medical devices and orthopaedic implants

  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing

  • Bead blasting

Air compressor requirements: 20-75cfm


Nozzle sizes available: 3, 4 or 5mm

Cobra®blast nozzle sizes are interchangeable without changing the entire nozzle assembly.


Global Shipping Available (Shipping Fees Automatically Calculated On Checkout).

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