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How Apollo Abrasive Blasting Systems overtake the Competition.

Updated: Apr 26

Why Apollo Systems beat the Competition:

Selectable Wet/Dry Abrasive Blasting with the Apollo-V2 System:

Apollo abrasive blasting systems allow for selectable wet or dry abrasive blasting, in one machine. Our Apollo-V2 machine is designed for portable blast cleaning applications, incorporating world first “dual induction” technology (global patent pending).

Wet abrasive blasting has been developed in recent years to address health, safety, and environmental issues with abrasive blasting. By mixing water with an abrasive spray, wet blasting can be used to restore concrete, steel, and other surfaces while generating significantly less dust in comparison with dry blasting.

Three main types of wet blasting are now available: nozzle-based wet blasting (WIN nozzles), slurry blasting, or venturi blasting, and fluidized abrasive blasting as used in Graco ecoquip systems, until Apollo launched ground breaking “dual induction” wet abrasive blasting, older technologies incorporating welded pressure vessels in abrasive blasting systems are now less common, due to their inherent downtime.

As a brief overview to wet blasting methods, nozzle-based blasting adds water to the abrasive media flow in or around the nozzle of blasting equipment. Slurry blasting combines water and abrasive in a pot under air pressure and draws the mixture into the airflow using the Venturi effect, fluidized abrasive blasting combines water and abrasive in a pot under pressure, then injects the mixture into the airflow.

The main benefits of Apollo abrasive system is the ability to fill the machines with dry abrasive, and start blasting right away, without tedious setup and cleaning out after use. Letting you get on with the job at hand and eliminate downtime.

Although dry blasting, is still widely used where appropriate, having the choice at the flick of a switch, without having to resent the machine or worrying about the system running dry in wet mode, is a joy with the Apollo System.

Abrasive Control and ease of use

Control of the abrasive-water mixture and flow is critical for creating a consistent blast pattern. The Apollo systems includes a built-in metering system that enables precise control of abrasive media. The metering valve has a lockable set-point so production rates can be set once and automatically controlled by the system. Competing equipment requires ongoing visual monitoring of production rates and adjustment of valves as needed. This creates challenges in tracking what settings work best for certain types of media and substrates. Precise control of the flow rate allows a faster start-up, as the settings are known, rather than visually adjusted by working with the nozzle person to communicate a desired result.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance of Apollo Systems is aided by a hinged, easily opened panel for access to valves for servicing, when required, competing equipment often requires removal of multiple screws and total removal of the cover panel. In addition, the Apollo field maintenance service team and distributors to diagnose and fix a machine while operators are in the field, helping them get back up and running quickly, should issues ever arise with your blast pot.

Health, Safety & Environmental Benefits

Apollo abrasive blasting systems also demonstrated significant benefits to health, safety, and environmental concerns. Apollos vortex fused dual induction vapour abrasive blasting produced significantly lower levels of dust and silica than both water-injection blasting and dry blasting. This occurred for two reasons: 1) vortex infused media blasting uses less abrasive media than other types of blasting; and 2) vortex vapour blasting encapsulates each particle in water, so when it shatters, the small shards of media are saturated, and the extra weight of the water allows particles to drop in a small radius around the operator.

The elimination of high-pressure media conveying also significantly reduces health & safety risks on jobsite.

With vastly improved “comfort” for the blasting operative, due to less downtime and lighter blast hoses, and elimination of the need to “refill” the pot continuously, Apollo Blasting systems are designed to blast 24/7 without any downtime!

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